wf200_context_t Struct Reference

Structure used to maintain wf200 context on the host side.

Data Fields

uint16_t data_frame_id
uint32_t last_command_id
uint32_t waited_event_id
uint32_t posted_event_id
wf200_mac_address_t mac_addr_0
wf200_mac_address_t mac_addr_1
uint8_t event_payload_buffer [512]
uint8_t opn [14]

Structure used to maintain wf200 context on the host side.

Definition at line 295 of file wf200_constants.h .

Field Documentation


uint16_t wf200_context_t::data_frame_id

Frame id incremented by wf200_send_ethernet_frame

Definition at line 297 of file wf200_constants.h .


uint8_t wf200_context_t::event_payload_buffer[512]

Event payload associated with the last posted event

Definition at line 305 of file wf200_constants.h .


uint8_t wf200_context_t::opn[14]

Required for PTE (Only ?)

Definition at line 306 of file wf200_constants.h .


uint32_t wf200_context_t::last_command_id

Last command id issued to wf200

Definition at line 298 of file wf200_constants.h .


wf200_mac_address_t wf200_context_t::mac_addr_0

Mac address used by wf200 interface 0, station

Definition at line 303 of file wf200_constants.h .


wf200_mac_address_t wf200_context_t::mac_addr_1

Mac address used by wf200 interface 1, softap

Definition at line 304 of file wf200_constants.h .


uint32_t wf200_context_t::posted_event_id

Last event posted by wf200

Definition at line 300 of file wf200_constants.h .


uint32_t wf200_context_t::waited_event_id

Host waited event

Definition at line 299 of file wf200_constants.h .

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