Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
C sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_blacklist_addr_req_t Request message for adding a MAC address to the device blacklist
C sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_multicast_addr_req_t Request message for adding a multicast address to the multicast filter whitelist
C sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_add_whitelist_addr_req_t Request message for adding a MAC address to the device whitelist
C sl_wfx_ap_client_connected_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_ap_client_connected_ind_t
C sl_wfx_ap_client_connected_ind_t Indication message used to signal a connected station
C sl_wfx_ap_client_disconnected_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_ap_client_disconnected_ind_t
C sl_wfx_ap_client_disconnected_ind_t Indication message used to signal a disconnected station
C sl_wfx_ap_client_rejected_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_ap_client_rejected_ind_t
C sl_wfx_ap_client_rejected_ind_t Indication message used to signal a rejected connection attempt from a station
C sl_wfx_capabilities_t Capabilities offered by the WLAN used in command sl_wfx_startup_ind_body_t
C sl_wfx_configuration_cnf_body_t Confirmation message of CONFIGURATION command sl_wfx_configuration_req_body_t
C sl_wfx_configuration_req_body_t Configure the device
C sl_wfx_connect_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_connect_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_connect_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_connect_req_t
C sl_wfx_connect_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_connect_ind_t
C sl_wfx_connect_ind_t Indication message used to signal the completion of a connection operation
C sl_wfx_connect_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_connect_req_t
C sl_wfx_connect_req_t Request message for connecting to a Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_context_t Structure used to maintain the Wi-Fi solution context on the host side
C sl_wfx_control_gpio_cnf_body_t Confirmation from request to read and write a GPIO
C sl_wfx_control_gpio_req_body_t Send a request to read or write a GPIO identified by its label (that is defined in the PDS)
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_req_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_req_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_req_t Request message for disconnecting a client from the started Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_disconnect_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_disconnect_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_disconnect_req_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_disconnect_ind_t
C sl_wfx_disconnect_ind_t Indication message used to signal the completion of a disconnection operation
C sl_wfx_disconnect_req_t Request message for disconnecting from a Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_error_ind_body_t Error indication message
C sl_wfx_error_log_t Structure used to display error logs
C sl_wfx_exception_ind_body_t Exception indication message
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_ext_auth_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_ext_auth_req_t
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_ext_auth_ind_t
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_ind_t Indication message for sl_wfx_ext_auth_ind_t
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_ext_auth_req_t
C sl_wfx_ext_auth_req_t Request message for sl_wfx_ext_auth_req_t
C sl_wfx_general_commands_ids_t General command message IDs
C sl_wfx_generic_confirmation_t Generic confirmation message with the body reduced to the status field
C sl_wfx_generic_ind_body_t Generic indication message
C sl_wfx_generic_message_t Generic message structure for all requests, confirmations and indications
C sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_req_t
C sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_req_t
C sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength_req_t Request message for retrieving the signal strength of a client of the started Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power_req_t
C sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power_req_t Request message for getting the maximum transmit power
C sl_wfx_get_pmk_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_get_pmk_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_get_pmk_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_get_pmk_req_t
C sl_wfx_get_pmk_req_t Request message for getting the Pairwise Master Key (PMK)
C sl_wfx_get_signal_strength_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_get_signal_strength_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_get_signal_strength_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_get_signal_strength_req_t
C sl_wfx_get_signal_strength_req_t Request message for retrieving the signal strength of connection
C sl_wfx_header_t General Message header structure
C sl_wfx_mac_address_t Structure to handle MAC address format
C sl_wfx_message_ids_t WFM API message IDs
C sl_wfx_nonce_t Structure to maintain secure link counters
C sl_wfx_ns_ip_addr_t NS IP address element
C sl_wfx_otp_phy_info_t OTP_PHY_INFO OTP field reported in command sl_wfx_startup_ind_body_t
C sl_wfx_otp_regul_sel_mode_info_t REGUL_SEL_MODE OTP field reported in command sl_wfx_startup_ind_body_t
C sl_wfx_password_t Structure to handle password format
C sl_wfx_prevent_rollback_cnf_body_t Confirmation of the Prevent Rollback request
C sl_wfx_prevent_rollback_req_body_t Prevent Rollback request
C sl_wfx_pta_priority_cnf_body_t Confirmation sent by WLAN firmware after a SL_WFX_PTA_PRIORITY_REQ_ID request
C sl_wfx_pta_priority_req_body_t Request sent by the host to define the level of priority used to arbitrate concurrent Coex and WLAN requests
C sl_wfx_pta_settings_cnf_body_t Confirmation sent by WLAN firmware after a SL_WFX_PTA_SETTINGS_REQ_ID request
C sl_wfx_pta_settings_req_body_t Request sent by the host to set the PTA mode, the active levels on signals, the Coex type, to define the timings, quotas, combined mode and default grant state
C sl_wfx_pta_state_cnf_body_t Confirmation sent by WLAN firmware after a SL_WFX_PTA_STATE_REQ_ID request
C sl_wfx_pta_state_req_body_t Request sent by host to start or stop the PTA
C sl_wfx_rate_set_bitmask_t Device TX rate set bitmask used in sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_req_body_t
C sl_wfx_received_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_received_ind_t
C sl_wfx_received_ind_t Indication message used to signal a received packet
C sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_req_t
C sl_wfx_remove_multicast_addr_req_t Request message for removing a multicast address from the multicast filter whitelist
C sl_wfx_rx_stats_t RX stats from the GENERIC indication message sl_wfx_generic_ind_body_t
C sl_wfx_scan_complete_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_scan_complete_ind_t
C sl_wfx_scan_complete_ind_t Indication message used to signal a scan was completed
C sl_wfx_scan_result_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_scan_result_ind_t
C sl_wfx_scan_result_ind_t Indication message used to signal an access point has been detected
C sl_wfx_securelink_configure_cnf_body_t Confirmation of Secure Link Layer configuration sl_wfx_securelink_configure_req_body_t
C sl_wfx_securelink_configure_req_body_t Configure Secure Link Layer
C sl_wfx_securelink_exchange_pub_keys_cnf_body_t Confirmation for exchange of Secure Link Public Keys
C sl_wfx_securelink_exchange_pub_keys_ind_body_t Indication for exchange of Secure Link Public Keys
C sl_wfx_securelink_exchange_pub_keys_req_body_t Exchange Secure Link Public Keys
C sl_wfx_security_mode_bitmask_t Security mode bitmask for scan results
C sl_wfx_send_frame_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_send_frame_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_send_frame_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_send_frame_req_t
C sl_wfx_send_frame_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_send_frame_req_t
C sl_wfx_send_frame_req_t Request message for sending a packet to the network
C sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address_req_t Request message for setting the Address Resolution Protocol (ARP) offloading state
C sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter_req_t Request message for setting broadcast filter state
C sl_wfx_set_cca_config_cnf_body_t Confirmation sent by Wlan firmware after a SL_WFX_SET_CCA_CONFIG_REQ_ID request
C sl_wfx_set_cca_config_req_body_t Request sent by host to set the Clear Channel Assessment configuration Set the CCA mode and the defer threshold
C sl_wfx_set_mac_address_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_mac_address_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_mac_address_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_mac_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_mac_address_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_mac_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_mac_address_req_t Request message to set MAC address of the interface
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_req_t Request message for setting the maximum number of connected clients
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_count_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity_req_t Request message for setting the maximum number of connected clients
C sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power_req_t Request message for setting the maximum transmit power of the device
C sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address_req_t Request message for setting the Neighbor Discovery Protocol (NDP) offloading state
C sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_pm_mode_req_t Request message for setting the power management mode of the device
C sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters_req_t Request message for setting the roaming parameters
C sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters_req_t Request message for setting scan parameters
C sl_wfx_set_securelink_mac_key_cnf_body_t Confirmation for the Secure Link MAC key setting
C sl_wfx_set_securelink_mac_key_req_body_t Set the Secure Link MAC key
C sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters_req_t Request message for setting the TX rate set parameters
C sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_req_t
C sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter_req_t Request message for setting unicast filter state
C sl_wfx_ssid_def_t Service Set Identifier (SSID) of a network
C sl_wfx_start_ap_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_start_ap_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_start_ap_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_start_ap_req_t
C sl_wfx_start_ap_ind_body_t Indication message body for sl_wfx_start_ap_ind_t
C sl_wfx_start_ap_ind_t Indication message used to signal the completion of a start request
C sl_wfx_start_ap_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_start_ap_req_t
C sl_wfx_start_ap_req_t Request message for starting a Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_start_scan_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_start_scan_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_start_scan_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_start_scan_req_t
C sl_wfx_start_scan_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_start_scan_req_t
C sl_wfx_start_scan_req_t Request message for starting a scan to detect near-by access points
C sl_wfx_startup_ind_body_t Startup Indication message
C sl_wfx_stop_ap_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_stop_ap_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_stop_ap_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_stop_ap_req_t
C sl_wfx_stop_ap_ind_t Indication message used to signal the completion of a stop operation
C sl_wfx_stop_ap_req_t Request message for stopping the started Wi-Fi network
C sl_wfx_stop_scan_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_stop_scan_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_stop_scan_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_stop_scan_req_t
C sl_wfx_stop_scan_req_t Request message for stopping an ongoing scan
C sl_wfx_tx_pwr_loop_info_t TX power loop info from the GENERIC indication message sl_wfx_generic_ind_body_t
C sl_wfx_update_ap_cnf_body_t Confirmation message body for sl_wfx_update_ap_cnf_t
C sl_wfx_update_ap_cnf_t Confirmation message for sl_wfx_update_ap_req_t
C sl_wfx_update_ap_req_body_t Request message body for sl_wfx_update_ap_req_t
C sl_wfx_update_ap_req_t Request message for updating parameters of the started Wi-Fi network