To interact with the WFx, the host has access to a set of API exposing a FMAC Wi-Fi interface. To find the related driver functions, see the table below or FULL_MAC_API group.

FMAC API Commands

Below is a table listing the FMAC API commands supported by the WFx.

Commands Command ID Associated driver function Description
SL_WFX_SET_MAC_ADDRESS_REQ_ID 0x42 sl_wfx_set_mac_address() Set a MAC address for one interface
SL_WFX_CONNECT_REQ_ID 0x43 sl_wfx_send_join_command() Connect to a network
SL_WFX_DISCONNECT_REQ_ID 0x44 sl_wfx_send_disconnect_command() Disconnect from a network
SL_WFX_START_AP_REQ_ID 0x45 sl_wfx_start_ap_command() Start AP mode
SL_WFX_UPDATE_AP_REQ_ID 0x46 sl_wfx_update_ap_command() Update AP mode parameters
SL_WFX_STOP_AP_REQ_ID 0x47 sl_wfx_stop_ap_command() Stop AP mode
SL_WFX_SEND_FRAME_REQ_ID 0x4a sl_wfx_send_ethernet_frame() Send a frame
SL_WFX_START_SCAN_REQ_ID 0x4b sl_wfx_send_scan_command() Perform a scan
SL_WFX_STOP_SCAN_REQ_ID 0x4c sl_wfx_send_stop_scan_command() Stop an ongoing scan
SL_WFX_GET_SIGNAL_STRENGTH_REQ_ID 0x4e sl_wfx_get_signal_strength() Get signal strength
SL_WFX_DISCONNECT_AP_CLIENT_REQ_ID 0x4f sl_wfx_disconnect_ap_client_command() Disconnect AP client
SL_WFX_SET_PM_MODE_REQ_ID 0x52 sl_wfx_set_power_mode() Set PM mode (Power Management mode)
SL_WFX_ADD_MULTICAST_ADDR_REQ_ID 0x53 sl_wfx_add_multicast_address() Add multicast address to filter
SL_WFX_REMOVE_MULTICAST_ADDR_REQ_ID 0x54 sl_wfx_remove_multicast_address() Remove multicast address to filter
SL_WFX_SET_MAX_AP_CLIENT_COUNT_REQ_ID 0x55 sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client() Set client count limitation
SL_WFX_SET_MAX_AP_CLIENT_INACTIVITY_REQ_ID 0x56 sl_wfx_set_max_ap_client_inactivity() Set client inactivity limitation
SL_WFX_SET_ROAM_PARAMETERS_REQ_ID 0x57 sl_wfx_set_roam_parameters() Set roam parameters
SL_WFX_SET_TX_RATE_PARAMETERS_REQ_ID 0x58 sl_wfx_set_tx_rate_parameters() Set TX rate parameters
SL_WFX_SET_ARP_IP_ADDRESS_REQ_ID 0x59 sl_wfx_set_arp_ip_address() Active the ARP offloading for the IP address provided
SL_WFX_SET_NS_IP_ADDRESS_REQ_ID 0x5A sl_wfx_set_ns_ip_address() Active the Neighbor Solicitation offloading for the IP address provided
SL_WFX_SET_BROADCAST_FILTER_REQ_ID 0x5B sl_wfx_set_broadcast_filter() Active the broadcast filtering
SL_WFX_SET_SCAN_PARAMETERS_REQ_ID 0x5C sl_wfx_set_scan_parameters() Set scan parameters
SL_WFX_SET_UNICAST_FILTER_REQ_ID 0x5D sl_wfx_set_unicast_filter() Active the unicast filtering
SL_WFX_ADD_WHITELIST_ADDR_REQ_ID 0x5E sl_wfx_add_whitelist_address() Add a MAC address to the whitelist
SL_WFX_ADD_BLACKLIST_ADDR_REQ_ID 0x5F sl_wfx_add_blacklist_address() Add a MAC address to the blacklist
SL_WFX_SET_MAX_TX_POWER_REQ_ID 0x60 sl_wfx_set_max_tx_power() Set the max TX output power
SL_WFX_GET_MAX_TX_POWER_REQ_ID 0x61 sl_wfx_get_max_tx_power() Get the max TX output power
SL_WFX_GET_PMK_REQ_ID 0x62 sl_wfx_get_pmk() Get the PMK used to connect to the current secure network
SL_WFX_GET_AP_CLIENT_SIGNAL_STRENGTH_REQ_ID 0x63 sl_wfx_get_ap_client_signal_strength() Get signal strength from a connected client in softAP mode
SL_WFX_EXT_AUTH_REQ_ID 0x64 sl_wfx_ext_auth() Send authentification information

For each available command, there is an associated confirmation with the same ID value.

FMAC API Indications

Indications Indication ID Associated struture Description
SL_WFX_CONNECT_IND 0xc3 sl_wfx_connect_ind_t Connection to a network complete
SL_WFX_DISCONNECT_IND 0xc4 sl_wfx_disconnect_ind_t Disconnection from a network complete
SL_WFX_START_AP_IND 0xc5 sl_wfx_start_ap_ind_t Started AP mode
SL_WFX_STOP_AP_IND 0xc7 sl_wfx_stop_ap_ind_t Stopped AP mode
SL_WFX_RECEIVED_IND 0xca sl_wfx_received_ind_t Frame received
SL_WFX_SCAN_RESULT_IND 0xcb sl_wfx_scan_result_ind_t Scan result received
SL_WFX_SCAN_COMPLETE_IND 0xcc sl_wfx_scan_complete_ind_t Scan complete
SL_WFX_AP_CLIENT_CONNECTED_IND 0xcd sl_wfx_ap_client_connected_ind_t AP Client connected
SL_WFX_AP_CLIENT_REJECTED_IND 0xce sl_wfx_ap_client_rejected_ind_t AP Client rejected
SL_WFX_AP_CLIENT_DISCONNECTED_IND 0xcf sl_wfx_ap_client_disconnected_ind_t AP Client disconnected
SL_WFX_EXT_AUTH_IND_ID 0xd2 sl_wfx_ext_auth_ind_t Authentication information received
SL_WFX_PS_MODE_ERROR_IND_ID 0xd3 Indicates the device detected a power mode issue

These indications have to be managed by the host depending on the application and use case.