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API concepts
WFM API concepts.
API constant values
WFM API constant values.
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WFM API types.
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WFM API message IDs.
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WFM API messages.
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WFM API messages organized by mode.

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Wireless LAN Full MAC (WFM) API

This module describes the functionality and the API messages of the Upper MAC (UMAC) component of the device. UMAC provides the Wireless LAN Full MAC (WFM) API. WFM API is used with the general API messages described in GENERAL_API.

The device is capable of operating in different roles such as a Wi-Fi client and as a Wi-Fi Access Point. To use multiple roles at the same time, the device is split into logical units called interfaces.

Two interfaces are available for WFM API. They are referenced with interface IDs 0 and 1. For general information on how to format the API messages, see MESSAGE_CONSTRUCTION.

For a list of WFM API messages, see API messages for further details.