BootloaderStorageFunctions Struct Reference


Storage API accessible from the application.

Definition at line 104 of file btl_interface_storage.h .

#include < btl_interface_storage.h >

Data Fields

uint32_t version
Version of this struct.
void(* getInfo )( BootloaderStorageInformation_t *info)
Get information about the storage – capabilities, layout, configuration.
int32_t(* getSlotInfo )(uint32_t slotId, BootloaderStorageSlot_t *slot)
Get information about storage slot – size, location.
int32_t(* read )(uint32_t slotId, uint32_t offset, uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
Read bytes from slot into buffer.
int32_t(* write )(uint32_t slotId, uint32_t offset, uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
Write bytes from buffer into slot.
int32_t(* erase )(uint32_t slotId)
Erase an entire slot.
int32_t(* setImagesToBootload )(int32_t *slotIds, size_t length)
Mark a list of slots for bootload.
int32_t(* getImagesToBootload )(int32_t *slotIds, size_t length)
Mark a list of slots for bootload.
int32_t(* appendImageToBootloadList )(int32_t slotId)
Append a slot to bootload list.
int32_t(* initParseImage )(uint32_t slotId, BootloaderParserContext_t *context, size_t contextSize)
Start image parsing.
int32_t(* verifyImage )( BootloaderParserContext_t *context, BootloaderParserCallback_t metadataCallback)
Continue image verification.
int32_t(* getImageInfo )( BootloaderParserContext_t *context, ApplicationData_t *appInfo, uint32_t *bootloaderVersion)
Get app and bootloader upgrade information from storage slot.
bool(* isBusy )(void)
Check whether the bootloader storage is busy.
int32_t(* readRaw )(uint32_t address, uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
Read raw bytes from storage.
int32_t(* writeRaw )(uint32_t address, uint8_t *buffer, size_t length)
Write bytes to raw storage.
int32_t(* eraseRaw )(uint32_t address, size_t length)
Erase storage.
int32_t(* getDMAchannel )(void)
Get configured DMA channel.

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