nvm_hal.h File Reference

Non-Volatile Memory Wear-Leveling driver HAL.



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Definition in file nvm_hal.h.

#include "em_device.h"
#include <stdbool.h>
#include "nvm.h"
#include "ecode.h"


void NVMHAL_Checksum (uint16_t *checksum, void *pMemory, uint16_t len)
 Calculate checksum according to CCITT CRC16.
void NVMHAL_DeInit (void)
 De-initialize NVM .
void NVMHAL_Init (void)
 Initialize NVM driver.
Ecode_t NVMHAL_PageErase (uint8_t *pAddress)
 Erase a page in the NVM.
void NVMHAL_Read (uint8_t *pAddress, void *pObject, uint16_t len)
 Read data from NVM.
Ecode_t NVMHAL_Write (uint8_t *pAddress, void const *pObject, uint16_t len)
 Write data to NVM.

Function Documentation

void NVMHAL_Checksum ( uint16_t *  pChecksum,
void *  pMemory,
uint16_t  len 

Calculate checksum according to CCITT CRC16.

This function calculates a checksum of the supplied buffer. The checksum is calculated using CCITT CRC16 plynomial x^16+x^12+x^5+1.

This functionality is also present internally in the API, but is duplicated here to allow for much more efficient calculations specific to the hardware.

[in]pChecksumPointer to where the checksum should be calculated and stored. This buffer should be initialized. A good consistent starting point would be NVM_CHECKSUM_INITIAL.
[in]pMemoryPointer to the data you want to calculate a checksum for.
[in]lenThe length of the data.

Definition at line 303 of file nvm_hal.c.

void NVMHAL_DeInit ( void  )

De-initialize NVM .

This function is run when the API deinit function is run. This should be done before any graceful halts.

Definition at line 132 of file nvm_hal.c.

References MSC_Deinit().

void NVMHAL_Init ( void  )

Initialize NVM driver.

This function is run upon initialization, at least once before any other functions. It can be used to call necessary startup routines before the hardware can be accessed.

Definition at line 119 of file nvm_hal.c.

References MSC_Init().

Referenced by NVM_Init().

Ecode_t NVMHAL_PageErase ( uint8_t *  pAddress)

Erase a page in the NVM.

This function calls MSC_ErasePage and converts the return status.

[in]*pAddressMemory address pointing to the start of the page to erase.
Returns the result of the erase operation.

Definition at line 274 of file nvm_hal.c.

References MSC_ErasePage().

Referenced by NVM_Erase().

void NVMHAL_Read ( uint8_t *  pAddress,
void *  pObject,
uint16_t  len 

Read data from NVM.

This function is used to read data from the NVM hardware. It should be a blocking call, since the thread asking for data to be read cannot continue without the data.

Another requirement is the ability to read unaligned blocks of data with single byte precision.

[in]*pAddressMemory address in hardware for the data to read.
[in]*pObjectRAM buffer to store the data from NVM.
[in]lenThe length of the data.

Definition at line 158 of file nvm_hal.c.

Referenced by NVM_Erase(), NVM_Init(), NVM_Read(), and NVM_Write().

Ecode_t NVMHAL_Write ( uint8_t *  pAddress,
void const *  pObject,
uint16_t  len 

Write data to NVM.

This function is used to write data to the NVM. This is a blocking function.

[in]*pAddressNVM address to write to.
[in]*pObjectPointer to source data.
[in]lenThe length of the data in bytes.
Returns the result of the write operation.

Definition at line 195 of file nvm_hal.c.

References MSC_WriteWord(), and mscReturnOk.

Referenced by NVM_Erase(), and NVM_Write().