Data Structures

Here are the data structures with brief descriptions:
RAIL_AddrConfig_tA structure to configure the address filtering functionality in RAIL
RAIL_AntennaConfig_tA configuration for Antenna switch pins
RAIL_AutoAckConfig_tEnables/disables the auto ACK algorithm, based on "enable"
RAIL_BLE_State_tA state structure for BLE
RAIL_CalValues_tA calibration value structure
RAIL_ChannelConfig_tA channel configuration structure, which defines the channel meaning when a channel number is passed into a RAIL function, e.g., RAIL_StartTx() and RAIL_StartRx()
RAIL_ChannelConfigEntry_tA channel configuration entry structure, which defines a channel range and parameters across which a corresponding radio configuration is valid
RAIL_ChannelConfigEntryAttr_tA channel configuration entry attribute structure
RAIL_Config_tRAIL configuration and internal state structure
RAIL_CsmaConfig_tA configuration structure for the CSMA transmit algorithm
RAIL_DataConfig_tRAIL data configuration structure
RAIL_FrameType_tConfigures if there is a frame type in your frame and the lengths of each frame
RAIL_IEEE802154_AddrConfig_tA configuration structure for IEEE 802.15.4 Address Filtering
RAIL_IEEE802154_Address_tRepresentation of 802.15.4 address This structure is only used for a received address, which needs to be parsed to discover the type
RAIL_IEEE802154_Config_tA configuration structure for IEEE 802.15.4 in RAIL
RAIL_LbtConfig_tA configuration structure for the LBT transmit algorithm
RAIL_MultiTimer_tRAIL timer state structure
RAIL_PacketTimeStamp_tInformation needed to calculate and represent a packet timestamp
RAIL_PtiConfig_tA configuration for PTI
RAIL_RxPacketDetails_tSuccessfully received packet details obtained via RAIL_GetRxPacketDetails()
RAIL_RxPacketInfo_tBasic information about a packet being received or already completed and awaiting processing, including memory pointers to its data in the circular RX FIFO buffer
RAIL_SchedulerInfo_tA structure to hold information used by the scheduler
RAIL_ScheduleRxConfig_tConfigures the scheduled RX algorithm
RAIL_ScheduleTxConfig_tA configuration structure for a scheduled transmit
RAIL_StateTiming_tA timing configuration structure for the RAIL State Machine
RAIL_StateTransitions_tUsed to specify radio states to transition to on success or failure
RAIL_TxPacketDetails_tDetailed information requested and about the packet that was just transmitted
RAIL_TxPowerConfig_tA structure containing values used to initialize the power amplifiers
RAIL_VerifyConfig_tThe configuration array provided to RAIL for use by the radio state verification feature
RAIL_Version_tContains RAIL Library Version Information
RAILSched_Config_tA multiprotocol scheduler configuration and internal state