board_4166.h File Reference

BOARD module header file.



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Definition in file board_4166.h.

#include <stdint.h>


typedef void(* BOARD_IrqCallback) (void)


void BOARD_alsSetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the ALS sensor interrupt callback function.
void BOARD_gasSensorSetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the gas sensor interrupt callback function.
void BOARD_hallSensorClearIRQ (void)
 Function to clear the Hall sensor interrupt.
uint32_t BOARD_hallSensorEnable (bool enable)
 Enables or disables the Hall sensor.
uint32_t BOARD_hallSensorEnableIRQ (bool enable)
 Enables or disables the Hall sensor GPIO interrupt.
void BOARD_hallSensorSetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the Hall sensor interrupt callback function.
void BOARD_imuSetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the IMU sensor interrupt callback function.
void BOARD_pushButton0ClearIRQ (void)
 Function to clear the pushbutton 0 interrupt.
void BOARD_pushButton0SetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the pushbutton 0 interrupt callback function.
void BOARD_pushButton1ClearIRQ (void)
 Function to clear the pushbutton 1 interrupt.
void BOARD_pushButton1SetIRQCallback (BOARD_IrqCallback cb)
 Function to register the pushbutton 1 interrupt callback function.

Typedef Documentation

typedef void(* BOARD_IrqCallback) (void)

Interrupt callback function type definition

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