UARTDRV_InitUart_t Struct ReferenceEMDRV > UARTDRV

A UART driver instance initialization structure. Contains a number of UARTDRV configuration options. It is required for driver instance initialization. This structure is passed to UARTDRV_Init() when initializing a UARTDRV instance.

Definition at line 169 of file uartdrv.h .

#include < uartdrv.h >

Data Fields

uint32_t baudRate
UART baud rate.
uint8_t ctsPin
A CTS pin number.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef ctsPort
A CTS pin port number.
UARTDRV_FlowControlType_t fcType
Flow control mode.
bool mvdis
Majority Vote Disable for 16x, 8x and 6x oversampling modes.
USART_OVS_TypeDef oversampling
Oversampling mode.
USART_Parity_TypeDef parity
Parity configuration.
USART_TypeDef * port
The peripheral used for UART.
uint8_t portLocationCts
A location number for the UART CTS pin.
uint8_t portLocationRts
A location number for the UART RTS pin.
uint8_t portLocationRx
A location number for UART Rx pin.
uint8_t portLocationTx
A location number for UART Tx pin.
uint8_t rtsPin
An RTS pin number.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef rtsPort
An RTS pin port number.
UARTDRV_Buffer_FifoQueue_t * rxQueue
A receive operation queue.
USART_Stopbits_TypeDef stopBits
A number of stop bits.
UARTDRV_Buffer_FifoQueue_t * txQueue
T transmit operation queue.

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