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An SPI driver instance initialization structure. Contains a number of SPIDRV configuration options. This structure is passed to SPIDRV_Init() when initializing a SPIDRV instance. Some common initialization data sets are predefined in SPIDRV_MASTER_USART0 and friends.

Definition at line 120 of file spidrv.h.

#include <spidrv.h>

Data Fields

SPIDRV_BitOrder_t bitOrder
 A bit order on the SPI bus, MSB or LSB first.
uint32_t bitRate
 An SPI bitrate.
SPIDRV_ClockMode_t clockMode
 SPI mode, CLKPOL/CLKPHASE setting.
SPIDRV_CsControl_t csControl
 A select master mode chip select (CS) control scheme.
uint32_t dummyTxValue
 The value to transmit when using SPI receive API functions.
uint32_t frameLength
 An SPI framelength, valid numbers are 4..16.
uint8_t pinClk
 Clock pin.
uint8_t pinCs
 Chip select pin.
uint8_t pinRx
 Rx pin.
uint8_t pinTx
 Tx pin.
USART_TypeDef * port
 The USART used for SPI.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef portClk
 Clock port.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef portCs
 Chip select port.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef portRx
 Rx port.
GPIO_Port_TypeDef portTx
 Tx port.
SPIDRV_SlaveStart_t slaveStartMode
 A slave mode transfer start scheme.
SPIDRV_Type_t type
 An SPI type, master or slave.

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