USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef Struct ReferencePlatform Middleware > USB > USB_COMMON

USB Device Descriptor.

Definition at line 404 of file em_usb.h.

#include <em_usb.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t bcdDevice
uint16_t bcdUSB
uint8_t bDescriptorType
uint8_t bDeviceClass
uint8_t bDeviceProtocol
uint8_t bDeviceSubClass
uint8_t bLength
uint8_t bMaxPacketSize0
uint8_t bNumConfigurations
uint16_t idProduct
uint16_t idVendor
uint8_t iManufacturer
uint8_t iProduct
uint8_t iSerialNumber

Field Documentation

uint16_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bcdDevice

Device release number in binary-coded decimal

Definition at line 415 of file em_usb.h.

uint16_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bcdUSB

USB Specification Release Number in Binary-Coded Decimal

Definition at line 407 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bDescriptorType

Constant DEVICE Descriptor Type

Definition at line 406 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bDeviceClass

Class code (assigned by the USB-IF)

Definition at line 409 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bDeviceProtocol

Protocol code (assigned by the USB-IF)

Definition at line 411 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bDeviceSubClass

Subclass code (assigned by the USB-IF)

Definition at line 410 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bLength

Size of this descriptor in bytes

Definition at line 405 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bMaxPacketSize0

Maximum packet size for endpoint zero

Definition at line 412 of file em_usb.h.

Referenced by USBD_Init().

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::bNumConfigurations

Number of possible configurations

Definition at line 420 of file em_usb.h.

uint16_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::idProduct

Product ID (assigned by the manufacturer)

Definition at line 414 of file em_usb.h.

uint16_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::idVendor

Vendor ID (assigned by the USB-IF)

Definition at line 413 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::iManufacturer

Index of string descriptor describing manufacturer

Definition at line 416 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::iProduct

Index of string descriptor describing product

Definition at line 417 of file em_usb.h.

uint8_t USB_DeviceDescriptor_TypeDef::iSerialNumber

Index of string descriptor describing the device serialnumber

Definition at line 418 of file em_usb.h.

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