EUSART_AdvancedInit_TypeDef Struct Reference

Advanced initialization structure.

Definition at line 180 of file em_eusart.h.

#include <em_eusart.h>

Data Fields

bool collisionDetectEnable
bool dmaHaltOnError
 Enable DMA requests blocking while framing or parity errors.
bool dmaWakeUpOnRx
 Enable the automatic wake up from EM2 to EM1 for DMA Rx operation.
bool dmaWakeUpOnTx
 Enable the automatic wake up from EM2 to EM1 for DMA Tx operation.
EUSART_HwFlowControl_TypeDef hwFlowControl
 Hardware flow control mode.
EUSART_InvertIO_TypeDef invertIO
 Enable inversion of Rx and/or Tx signals.
bool msbFirst
 If true, data will be send with most significant bit first.
bool multiProcessorAddressBitHigh
 Multiprocessor address bit value. If true, 9th bit of address frame must bit 1, 0 otherwise.
bool multiProcessorEnable
 Enable Multiprocessor mode. Address and data filtering using the 9th bit.
EUSART_PrsChannel_TypeDef prsRxChannel
 PRS Channel used to transmit data from PRS to the EUSART.
bool prsRxEnable
uint8_t startFrame
 Start frame that will enable Rx operation. 0x00 Disable this feature.
bool txAutoTristate
 Enable automatic tristating of transmistter output when there is nothing to transmit.

Field Documentation

bool EUSART_AdvancedInit_TypeDef::collisionDetectEnable

Enable the collision Detection feature. Internal (setting loopbackEnable) or external loopback must be done to use this feature.

Definition at line 186 of file em_eusart.h.

bool EUSART_AdvancedInit_TypeDef::prsRxEnable

Enable EUSART capability to use a PRS channel as an input data line for the receiver. The configured Rx GPIO signal won't be routed to the EUSART receiver.

Definition at line 211 of file em_eusart.h.

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