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Information about the bootloader storage implementation Note: From Gecko Bootloader version >= 2.1, the pointer partType will only contain a zero value. The partType variable can be used to find information about the attached storage.

Definition at line 66 of file btl_interface_storage.h.

#include <btl_interface_storage.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t version
 The version of this data structure.
uint16_t capabilitiesMask
 A bitmask describing the capabilities of this particular storage.
uint32_t pageEraseMs
 Maximum time it takes to erase a page. (in milliseconds)
uint32_t partEraseMs
 Maximum time it takes to erase the entire part. (in milliseconds)
uint32_t pageSize
 The size of a single erasable page in bytes.
uint32_t partSize
 The total size of the storage in bytes.
char * partDescription
 Pointer to a string describing the attached storage.
uint8_t wordSizeBytes
 The number of bytes in a word for the storage.
uint32_t partType
 Value representing the attached storage.

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