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SCSI Read 10 Command Descriptor Block (CDB) typedef.

Definition at line 207 of file msdscsi.h.

#include <msdscsi.h>

Data Fields

struct {
   uint8_t   Dpo: 1
   uint8_t   Fua: 1
   uint8_t   FuaNv: 1
   uint8_t   Obsolete: 1
   uint8_t   RdProtect: 3
   uint8_t   Reserved1: 1
struct {
   uint8_t   GroupNumber: 5
   uint8_t   Reserved2: 3
uint8_t Control
uint32_t Lba
uint8_t OpCode
uint16_t TransferLength

Field Documentation

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Control

Control byte.

Definition at line 223 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Dpo

Disable Page Out.

Definition at line 214 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Fua

Force Unit Access.

Definition at line 213 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::FuaNv

Force Unit Access non-volatile cache.

Definition at line 211 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::GroupNumber

Group Number field.

Definition at line 219 of file msdscsi.h.

uint32_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Lba

Logical Block (sector) Address.

Definition at line 217 of file msdscsi.h.

Referenced by MSDSCSI_Read10().

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Obsolete

Obsolete, expect any value.

Definition at line 210 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::OpCode

Command opcode.

Definition at line 208 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::RdProtect

Read Protect field.

Definition at line 215 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Reserved1

Reserved, expect 0.

Definition at line 212 of file msdscsi.h.

uint8_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::Reserved2

Reserved, expect 0.

Definition at line 220 of file msdscsi.h.

uint16_t MSDSCSI_Read10_TypeDef::TransferLength

Number of blocks (sectors) to transfer.

Definition at line 222 of file msdscsi.h.

Referenced by MSDSCSI_Read10().

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