EUSART_UartInit_TypeDef Struct Reference

Initialization structure.

Definition at line 224 of file em_eusart.h.

#include <em_eusart.h>

Data Fields

 Advanced initialization structure pointer. It can be NULL.
uint32_t baudrate
EUSART_Databits_TypeDef databits
 Number of data bits in frame.
EUSART_Enable_TypeDef enable
 Specifies whether TX and/or RX will be enabled when initialization completes.
EUSART_LoopbackEnable_TypeDef loopbackEnable
 Enable Loop Back configuration.
EUSART_MajorityVote_TypeDef majorityVote
 Majority Vote can be disabled for 16x, 8x and 6x oversampling modes.
EUSART_OVS_TypeDef oversampling
 Oversampling used.
EUSART_Parity_TypeDef parity
 Parity mode to use.
uint32_t refFreq
EUSART_Stopbits_TypeDef stopbits
 Number of stop bits to use.

Field Documentation

uint32_t EUSART_UartInit_TypeDef::baudrate

Desired baud rate. If set to 0, Auto Baud feature is enabled and the EUSART will wait for (0x55) frame to detect the Baudrate.

Definition at line 234 of file em_eusart.h.

Referenced by EUSART_IrDAInit(), EUSART_UartInitLf(), and UARTDRV_InitEuart().

uint32_t EUSART_UartInit_TypeDef::refFreq

EUSART reference clock assumed when configuring baud rate setup. Set to 0 if using currently configured reference clock.

Definition at line 230 of file em_eusart.h.

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