I2CSPMKit Drivers

Data Structures

struct  I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef




void I2CSPM_Init (I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef *init)
 Initalize I2C peripheral.
I2C_TransferReturn_TypeDef I2CSPM_Transfer (I2C_TypeDef *i2c, I2C_TransferSeq_TypeDef *seq)
 Perform I2C transfer.

Macro Definition Documentation

{ I2C0, /* Use I2C instance 0 */ \
gpioPortC, /* SCL port */ \
5, /* SCL pin */ \
gpioPortC, /* SDA port */ \
4, /* SDA pin */ \
0, /* Location */ \
0, /* Use currently configured reference clock */ \
I2C_FREQ_STANDARD_MAX, /* Set to standard rate */ \
i2cClockHLRStandard, /* Set to use 4:4 low/high duty cycle */ \
#define I2C0
Definition: efm32gg995f1024.h:410

Default config for I2C init structure. The default may be overridden by a i2cspmconfig.h file.

Definition at line 75 of file i2cspm.h.

Referenced by BOARD_init().

Function Documentation

void I2CSPM_Init ( I2CSPM_Init_TypeDef init)
I2C_TransferReturn_TypeDef I2CSPM_Transfer ( I2C_TypeDef i2c,
I2C_TransferSeq_TypeDef seq 

Perform I2C transfer.

This driver only supports master mode, single bus-master. It does not return until the transfer is complete, polling for completion.

[in]i2cPointer to the peripheral port
[in]seqPointer to sequence structure defining the I2C transfer to take place. The referenced structure must exist until the transfer has fully completed.

Definition at line 123 of file i2cspm.c.

References I2C_Transfer(), I2C_TransferInit(), and i2cTransferInProgress.

Referenced by CCS811_getMeasurement(), CCS811_getRawData(), CCS811_readMailbox(), CCS811_setEnvData(), CCS811_setMeasureMode(), CCS811_softwareReset(), EEPROM_AckPoll(), EEPROM_Read(), EEPROM_Write(), SI1133_registerBlockRead(), SI1133_registerBlockWrite(), SI1133_registerRead(), SI1133_registerWrite(), Si1147_Read_Block_Register(), Si1147_Read_Register(), Si1147_Write_Block_Register(), Si1147_Write_Register(), Si7013_Detect(), Si7013_GetFirmwareRevision(), SI7021_cmdRead(), SI7021_cmdWrite(), SI7210_registerRead(), SI7210_registerWrite(), SI7210_wakeUp(), Si72xx_Read_Register(), Si72xx_WakeUpAndIdle(), Si72xx_Write_Register(), TEMPSENS_RegisterGet(), and TEMPSENS_RegisterSet().