USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef Struct ReferencePlatform Middleware > USB > USB_DEVICE

USB Device stack callback structure.

Callback functions used by the device stack to signal events or query status to/from the application. See USBD_Init_TypeDef. Assign members to NULL if your application don't need a specific callback.

Definition at line 777 of file em_usb.h.

#include <em_usb.h>

Data Fields

const USBD_IsSelfPoweredCb_TypeDef isSelfPowered
const USBD_SetupCmdCb_TypeDef setupCmd
const USBD_SofIntCb_TypeDef sofInt
const USBD_UsbResetCb_TypeDef usbReset
const USBD_DeviceStateChangeCb_TypeDef usbStateChange

Field Documentation

const USBD_IsSelfPoweredCb_TypeDef USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef::isSelfPowered

Called whenever the device stack needs to query if the device is currently self- or bus-powered. Applies to devices which can operate in both modes.

Definition at line 782 of file em_usb.h.

const USBD_SetupCmdCb_TypeDef USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef::setupCmd

Called on each setup request received from host.

Definition at line 781 of file em_usb.h.

const USBD_SofIntCb_TypeDef USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef::sofInt

Called at each SOF interrupt. If NULL, the device stack will not enable the SOF interrupt.

Definition at line 785 of file em_usb.h.

const USBD_UsbResetCb_TypeDef USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef::usbReset

Called whenever USB reset signalling is detected on the USB port.

Definition at line 778 of file em_usb.h.

Referenced by USBX_init().

const USBD_DeviceStateChangeCb_TypeDef USBD_Callbacks_TypeDef::usbStateChange

Called whenever the device change state.

Definition at line 780 of file em_usb.h.

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