VddCheckKit Drivers


void VDDCHECK_Disable (void)
 VCMP deinitialization routine.
void VDDCHECK_Init (void)
 VCMP initialization routine.
bool VDDCHECK_LowVoltage (float vdd)
 Check if voltage is higher than indicated.

Function Documentation

bool VDDCHECK_LowVoltage ( float  vdd)

Check if voltage is higher than indicated.

vddThe voltage level to compare against.
Returns true if voltage is lower, false otherwise

Definition at line 54 of file vddcheck.c.

References VCMP_Init_TypeDef::enable, VCMP_Init_TypeDef::lowPowerRef, VCMP_Init_TypeDef::triggerLevel, VCMP_Init(), VCMP_INIT_DEFAULT, VCMP_Ready(), VCMP_VDDHigher(), VCMP_VoltageToLevel(), vcmpWarmTime128Cycles, and VCMP_Init_TypeDef::warmup.