SI_UU32 Union ReferencePlatform Middleware > Capacitive Sensing Firmware Library

Union used to address upper bytes of 32-bit exponential average easily.

Definition at line 50 of file cslib.h.

#include <cslib.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t s16 [2]
 The 4-byte value as two signed 16-bit integers.
uint32_t s32
 The 4-byte value as a 32-bit signed integer.
uint8_t s8 [4]
 The 4-byte value as 4 signed 8-bit integers.
uint16_t u16 [2]
 The 4-byte value as two unsigned 16-bit integers.
uint32_t u32
 The 4-byte value as a 32-bit unsigned integer.
uint8_t u8 [4]
 The 4-byte value as 4 unsigned 8-bit integers.
uint16_t uu16 [2]
 The 4-byte value as a SI_UU16_t.

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