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EzRadio driver instance initialization and handler structure. This data structure contains a number of EzRadio driver configuration options. Handler to this structure is passed to ezradioInit() when initializing an EzRadio driver instance. Some common initialization data sets are predefined in EZRADIODRV_INIT_DEFAULT . Note: All the referenced plug-in instances has there own handler sturcture, that is referenced from this structure.

Definition at line 302 of file ezradio_plugin_manager.h .

#include < ezradio_plugin_manager.h >

Data Fields

EZRADIODRV_AutoAckHandle_t autoAck
Auto-acknowledge plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_DirectRxHandle_t directRx
Direct reception plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_DirectTxHandle_t directTx
Direct transmission plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_PacketCrcErrorHandle_t packetCrcError
Packet reception with CRC error plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_PacketRxHandle_t packetRx
Packet reception plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_PacketTxHandle_t packetTx
Packet transmission plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_Pn9Handle_t pn9
PN9 plug-in handler.
EZRADIODRV_UnmodCarrierHandle_t unmodCarrier
Unmodulated carrier plug-in handler.

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