Release Notes

RAIL Library 2.9.0 GA

July 23, 2020

Release Highlights

  • Support the RAIL library as a component in the new Silicon Labs Universal Configurator system including some additional components to help easily set up the RAIL library for your board.
  • Added support for the new Silicon Labs Power Manager in RAIL when optionally enabled with the RAIL_InitPowerManager API.
  • Added a new RAIL_RxChannelHoppingOptions_t option RAIL_RX_CHANNEL_HOPPING_OPTION_RSSI_THRESHOLD for channel hopping and duty cycle which will hop if the RSSI is below a configurable threshold to allow the user to look for strong signals.
  • Added a new RAIL_RxChannelHoppingMode_t RAIL_RX_CHANNEL_HOPPING_MODE_MULTI_SENSE mode which can be configured to tolerate brief loss of timing and/or preamble making it less susceptible to hopping than the single-sense modes. This can also be used with RX duty cycling.
  • Added a new inverse frame pending mode for IEEE 802.15.4 where we set the frame pending bit by default in the outgoing ACK of data polls and the application must clear it.
  • Improved frequency accuracy on the EFR32xG1x devices when there were a large number of channels and particular channel spacing values.
  • Added new versions of the RAIL TxPacketDetails APIs to make it more clear where the timestamp was taken in the packet.
  • Bugfixes and improvements

Release Details

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