Power Amplifier (PA) Utility

RAIL PA Utility

This software component can optionally be enabled for boards to support PA configurations.

When using a Silicon Labs-developed board, the configuration options for this software component are set up automatically based on the selected board. When using a custom board, manually configure the configuration options.

Configuration Options

The following configuration options can be changed:

  • Initial PA power
  • PA ramp time
    • The PA ramp time is a hardware approximation aimed at being as close to the desired ramp time as possible without going over the specified time.
  • Milli-volts provided to the PA supply pin (PA_VDD)
  • 2.4 GHz PA selection (for applicable devices)
  • Sub-1 GHz PA selection (for applicable devices)
  • Header file containing custom PA curves
  • Header file containing PA curve type types
  • Enable/disable PA calibration

See these documents for in-depth explanations of how to configure and use the available PA features:

  • AN1127: Power Amplifier Power Conversion Functions in RAIL 2.x