void emberCoapRequestHandler (EmberCoapCode code, uint8_t *uri, EmberCoapReadOptions *options, const uint8_t *payload, uint16_t payloadLength, const EmberCoapRequestInfo *info)
 Callback for incoming requests.

Detailed Description

These callbacks were contributed by the coap API.

Function Documentation

void emberCoapRequestHandler ( EmberCoapCode  code,
uint8_t *  uri,
EmberCoapReadOptions options,
const uint8_t *  payload,
uint16_t  payloadLength,
const EmberCoapRequestInfo info 

For more information, see stack/include/coap.h

info can be passed as-is when sending an immediate response from within the call to emberCoapRequestHandler(). To send a delayed response, the info data must be copied to a more permanent location using emberSaveRequestInfo().