Sending and receiving ICMP messages.


EmberStatus emberIcmpListen (const uint8_t *address)
 This function sets up a listener for ICMP messages for the given address.
bool emberIpPing (uint8_t *destination, uint16_t id, uint16_t sequence, uint16_t length, uint8_t hopLimit)
 This function sends an ICMP ECHO REQUEST message.
void emberIncomingIcmpHandler (Ipv6Header *ipHeader)
 An application callback for an incoming ICMP message.

Detailed Description

See icmp.h for source code.

Function Documentation

EmberStatus emberIcmpListen ( const uint8_t *  address)
addressThe IPv6 address, which is listened to.
EMBER_SUCCESS if successful EMBER_TABLE_FULL if failed to set up a listener EMBER_ERR_FATAL other fatal failure
void emberIncomingIcmpHandler ( Ipv6Header ipHeader)
ipHeaderPointer to an IPv6 buffer

An application callback for an incoming ICMP message.

ipHeaderPointer to an IPV6 buffer
bool emberIpPing ( uint8_t *  destination,
uint16_t  id,
uint16_t  sequence,
uint16_t  length,
uint8_t  hopLimit 
destinationIPv6 destination address
idIPv6 unique ID
sequenceIPv6 unique sequence
lengthPayload length
hopLimitIPv6 hop limit
Returns true if the ICMP echo request was succesfully submitted to the IP stack and false otherwise.