void emberAfMarkApplicationBuffersCallback (void)
 Mark Application Buffers.
void emberAfNetworkStatusCallback (EmberNetworkStatus newNetworkStatus, EmberNetworkStatus oldNetworkStatus, EmberJoinFailureReason reason)
 Network Status.
void emberAfMainCallback (MAIN_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS)
void emberAfInitCallback (void)
void emberAfTickCallback (void)

Detailed Description

These callbacks are contributed by the Main plugin.

These callbacks were contributed by the main API.

Function Documentation

void emberAfInitCallback ( void  )

This function is called after the stack initializes and can be used to perform any additional initialization required at stack startup. On SoCs, this will generally be called only once: at system startup. On hosts, this will be called when the NCP initializes, and may be called multiple times during the lifetime of the host application.

void emberAfMainCallback ( MAIN_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS  )

This function is called immediately after the application starts executing and can be used to perform initialization that should occur before any other components are initialized.

void emberAfMarkApplicationBuffersCallback ( void  )

This function is called when the application must mark its buffers. Buffers that are not marked will be reclaimed by the stack.

void emberAfNetworkStatusCallback ( EmberNetworkStatus  newNetworkStatus,
EmberNetworkStatus  oldNetworkStatus,
EmberJoinFailureReason  reason 

This function is called when the network status changes.

void emberAfTickCallback ( void  )

This function is called in each iteration of the main application loop and can be used to perform periodic functions. The frequency with which this function is called depends on how quickly the main loop runs. If the application blocks at any time during the main loop, this function will not be called until execution resumes. On SoC platforms, sleeping and idling will block. On Unix hosts, process yielding (e.g., via select) will block.