EmberZclCommandContext_t Struct Reference

#include < zcl-core-types.h >

Data Fields

EmberIpv6Address remoteAddress
EmberCoapCode code
const EmberCoapRequestInfo * info
const uint8_t * payload
uint16_t payloadLength
EmberZclGroupId_t groupId
EmberZclEndpointId_t endpointId
const EmberZclClusterSpec_t * clusterSpec
EmberZclCommandId_t commandId

This structure holds a command context.

Field Documentation

const EmberZclClusterSpec_t * EmberZclCommandContext_t::clusterSpec

A cluster specification of a command.

EmberCoapCode EmberZclCommandContext_t::code

CoAP code of a command.

EmberZclCommandId_t EmberZclCommandContext_t::commandId

A command identifier.

EmberZclEndpointId_t EmberZclCommandContext_t::endpointId

An endpoint identifier of a command.

EmberZclGroupId_t EmberZclCommandContext_t::groupId

A group identifier of a command.

const EmberCoapRequestInfo * EmberZclCommandContext_t::info

EZ-Mode needs access to the request info structure

const uint8_t* EmberZclCommandContext_t::payload

Payload of a command.

uint16_t EmberZclCommandContext_t::payloadLength

Payload length of a command.

EmberIpv6Address EmberZclCommandContext_t::remoteAddress

A remote address of a command.

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