Additional information about an incoming request.

#include <coap.h>

Data Fields

EmberIpv6Address localAddress
EmberIpv6Address remoteAddress
uint16_t localPort
uint16_t remotePort
EmberCoapTransmitHandler transmitHandler
void * transmitHandlerData
uint8_t tokenLength
void * ackData
uint8_t hopLimit

transmitHandler is non-NULL if the request was passed to emberProcessCoap(), and will be called to deliver any response. If it is NULL, the request was an ordinary UDP message and any response is sent using UDP.

Field Documentation

void* EmberCoapRequestInfo::ackData

must be NULL when sending a delayed response

uint8_t EmberCoapRequestInfo::hopLimit
EmberIpv6Address EmberCoapRequestInfo::localAddress
uint16_t EmberCoapRequestInfo::localPort
EmberIpv6Address EmberCoapRequestInfo::remoteAddress
uint16_t EmberCoapRequestInfo::remotePort
uint8_t EmberCoapRequestInfo::token[EMBER_COAP_MAX_TOKEN_LENGTH]
uint8_t EmberCoapRequestInfo::tokenLength
EmberCoapTransmitHandler EmberCoapRequestInfo::transmitHandler
void* EmberCoapRequestInfo::transmitHandlerData

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