Here is a list of all modules:
BSP Board Support Package
API for DKs
API for STKs and WSTKs
Common BSP for all kits
Device Initialization Device Initialization using HAL configuration
Thunderboard Sense BSP BSP for Thunderboard Sense and Thunderboard Sense 2
BAP - Barometric Pressure Sensor Driver for the Bosch Sensortec BMP280 pressure sensor
BOARD Module for Thunderboard Sense Board hardware control, configuraton and miscellaneous functions
Power and Interrupt Controller Definitions Thunderboard Sense 1 Power and Interrupt Controller register and bitfield definitions
BOARD Module for Thunderboard Sense 2 Board hardware control, configuraton and miscellaneous functions
CCS811 - Indoor Air Quality Sensor Driver for the Cambridge CMOS Sensors CCS811 gas and indoor air quality sensor
HALL - Hall Effect Sensor Driver for Hall effect sensor
Si7210 - Hall Effect Sensor Driver for the Silicon Labs Si7210 Hall effect sensor
ICM20648 - 6-axis Motion Sensor Driver Driver for the Invensense ICM20648 6-axis motion sensor
IMU - Inertial Measurement Unit Inertial Measurement Unit driver
MIC - Microphone Driver (ADC) Driver for the Knowles SPV1840LR5H-B MEMS Microphone
MIC - Microphone Driver (I2S) Driver for the Invensense ICS-43434 MEMS Microphone
SI1133 - Ambient Light and UV Index Sensor Driver for the Silicon Labs Si1133 Ambient Light and UV sensor
SI7021 - Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor Driver for the Silicon Labs Si7021 I2C Humidity and Temperature Sensor
Utility Functions Utility functions
Devices Silicon Labs CMSIS-CORE device headers
EFM32TG842F32 Alternate Function
EFM32TG842F32 Bit Fields
EFM32TG842F32 Unlock Codes
EFM32TG842F32 Core Processor and Core Peripheral Section
EFM32TG842F32 Part
EFM32TG842F32 Peripheral Declarations
EFM32TG842F32 Peripheral Memory Map
EFM32TG842F32 Peripheral TypeDefs Device Specific Peripheral Register Structures
EFM32TG_ACMP EFM32TG_ACMP Register Declaration

EFM32TG_ADC EFM32TG_ADC Register Declaration

EFM32TG_AES EFM32TG_AES Register Declaration

EFM32TG_CMU EFM32TG_CMU Register Declaration

EFM32TG_DAC EFM32TG_DAC Register Declaration

EFM32TG_DMA EFM32TG_DMA Register Declaration

EFM32TG_EMU EFM32TG_EMU Register Declaration

EFM32TG_GPIO EFM32TG_GPIO Register Declaration

EFM32TG_I2C EFM32TG_I2C Register Declaration

EFM32TG_LCD EFM32TG_LCD Register Declaration

EFM32TG_LESENSE EFM32TG_LESENSE Register Declaration

EFM32TG_LETIMER EFM32TG_LETIMER Register Declaration

EFM32TG_LEUART EFM32TG_LEUART Register Declaration

EFM32TG_MSC EFM32TG_MSC Register Declaration

EFM32TG_PCNT EFM32TG_PCNT Register Declaration

EFM32TG_PRS EFM32TG_PRS Register Declaration

EFM32TG_PRS_Signals PRS Signal names
EFM32TG_RMU EFM32TG_RMU Register Declaration

EFM32TG_ROMTABLE Chip Information, Revision numbers
EFM32TG_RTC EFM32TG_RTC Register Declaration

EFM32TG_TIMER EFM32TG_TIMER Register Declaration

EFM32TG_USART EFM32TG_USART Register Declaration

EFM32TG_VCMP EFM32TG_VCMP Register Declaration

EFM32TG_WDOG EFM32TG_WDOG Register Declaration

EMDRV Gecko Platform driver library
DMADRV DMADRV Direct Memory Access Driver
EZRADIODRV EZR32 EzRadio Peripheral Interface Driver
API_Layer EzRadio API Layer

COMM_Layer EzRadio Communication Layer

HAL_Layer EzRadio HAL Layer

Plugin_System EzRadio Plugin System Layer, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Auto_ACK_Plugin Auto acknowledge plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

CRC_Error_Plugin CRC error plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Direct_Receive_Plugin Direct receive plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Direct_Transmit_Plugin Direct transmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

PN9_Plugin Pseudo random transmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Plugin_Manager Plugin manager, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Receive_Plugin Receive plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Transmit_Plugin Transmit plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

Unmod_Carrier_Plugin Unmodulated Carrier plugin, see Plugin System Layer for detailed documentation.

GPIOINT GPIOINT General Purpose Input/Output Interrupt dispatcher
NVM NVM Non-volatile Memory Wear-Leveling Driver
NVM3 NVM3 Non-Volatile Memory Management driver
NVM3Hal NVM3 hal module
NVM3Lock NVM3 lock module
RTCDRV Real-time Clock Driver
SLEEP Sleep Management Driver
SPIDRV SPIDRV Serial Peripheral Interface Driver
TEMPDRV TEMPDRV Temperature Sensor Driver
UARTDRV UARTDRV Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Driver
USTIMER USTIMER Microsecond Delay Timer Driver
EMLIB Low-level peripheral library
ACMP Analog comparator (ACMP) Peripheral API
ADC Analog to Digital Converter (ADC) Peripheral API
AES Advanced Encryption Standard Accelerator (AES) Peripheral API
ASSERT Error checking module
BUS BUS register and RAM bit/field read/write API
CHIP Chip errata workarounds initialization API
CMU Clock management unit (CMU) Peripheral API
COMMON General purpose utilities and cross-compiler support
CORE Core interrupt handling API
DAC Digital to Analog Converter (DAC) Peripheral API
DBG Debug (DBG) Peripheral API
DMA Direct Memory Access (DMA) Peripheral API
EMU Energy Management Unit (EMU) Peripheral API
GPIO General Purpose Input/Output (GPIO) API
I2C Inter-integrated Circuit (I2C) Peripheral API
INT Safe nesting of interrupt disable/enable API
LCD Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) Peripheral API
LESENSE Low Energy Sensor (LESENSE) Peripheral API
LETIMER Low Energy Timer (LETIMER) Peripheral API
LEUART Low Energy Universal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter (LEUART) Peripheral API
MSC Memory System Controller API
OPAMP Operational Amplifier (OPAMP) peripheral API
PCNT Pulse Counter (PCNT) Peripheral API
PRS Peripheral Reflex System (PRS) Peripheral API
RAMFUNC RAM code support
RMU Reset Management Unit (RMU) Peripheral API
RTC Real Time Counter (RTC) Peripheral API
TIMER Timer/Counter (TIMER) Peripheral API
USART Universal Synchronous/Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Peripheral API
VCMP Voltage Comparator (VCMP) Peripheral API
WDOG Watchdog (WDOG) Peripheral API
Kit Drivers Kit support and drivers
CPT112S_I2C Silicon Labs 12-pad Capacitive Touch Evaluation Board I2C driver
CapSense Capacitive sensing driver
Display Display device driver stack library
DmaCtrl UDMA control block array
Gecko USB MSD USB Mass Storage Class (MSC)
Gecko USB RS232 bridge Gecko USB to RS232 bridge (CDC Class)
HidKeyboard Implements a USB HID class keyboard
I2CSPM I2C Simple Polled Master driver
Ksz8851snl KSZ8851SNL SPI Ethernet Controller driver
MicroSd SPI driver for micro SD card
NANDFlash Driver for Numonyx NAND256W3A NAND Flash devices
NORFlash Driver for Spanion S29GL128P90FFIR13 and S29GL064N NOR Flash devices
RetargetIo Standard I/O retargeting driver
SegmentLcd Segment LCD driver
Si114x Silicon Labs Si114x Ultraviolet (UV) Index, Gesture, Proximity, and Ambient Light Sensor I2C driver
Si7013 Silicon Labs Si7013 Relative Humidity and Temperature Sensor I2C driver
Si72xx Silicon Labs Si72xx Magnetic Hall Effect Sensor I2C driver
TFT Driver for SSD2119 TFT in Direct Drive or Adress Mapped mode
TempSensor Driver for DS75 I2C temperature sensor
Textdisplay Line based text output terminal interface on top of the DISPLAY device driver stack. See TextDisplay Library for more information
Touch Touch panel driver for DK3650, DK3750 and DK3850 Development Kits
Udelay Calibrated busy wait loop
UsbHid USB HID keyboard scan codes
VddCheck VDD Voltage Check using EMLIB Voltage Comparator (VCOMP) API
Platform Middleware Gecko Platform Middleware for use with EFM32, EZR32 and EFR32 products
Capacitive Sensing Firmware Library Capacitive sensing firmware library for Silicon Labs MCUs
GLIB Graphics Library