ADC_InitScanInput_TypeDef Struct ReferenceEMLIB > ADC

Scan input configuration.

Definition at line 852 of file em_adc.h.

#include <em_adc.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t scanInputEn
uint32_t scanInputSel
uint32_t scanNegSel

Field Documentation

uint32_t ADC_InitScanInput_TypeDef::scanInputEn

Input enable mask.

Definition at line 857 of file em_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InitScanInput_TypeDef::scanInputSel

Input range select to be applied to ADC_SCANINPUTSEL.

Definition at line 854 of file em_adc.h.

uint32_t ADC_InitScanInput_TypeDef::scanNegSel

Alternative negative input.

Definition at line 860 of file em_adc.h.

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