API Documentation

List of modules
Button APIGeneric Button API
Simple Button DriverSimple Button Driver
DMADRV - DMA DriverDirect Memory Access Driver
Error Codes
ECODE - Error CodesError and Status Codes
GPIOINT - GPIO InterruptGPIOINT General Purpose Input/Output Interrupt dispatcher
I2C Simple Polled MasterI2C Simple Polled Master driver
Simple LED DriverSimple LED Driver
Simple RGBW PWM LED DriverSimple Red/Green/Blue/White PWM LED Driver
NVM3 - NVM Data ManagerNVM3 Non-Volatile Memory Data Management driver
NVM3 Default InstanceNVM3 default instance functions and handles
NVM3 HALNVM3 Hardware Abstraction Layer
NVM3 LockNVM3 lock functions
PWM DriverPWM DriverThe PWM driver uses one or more TIMER peripherals to generate one or more PWM waveform, with configurable frequency, duty cycle, and polarity. Multiple instances of the driver can be created and allocated to their own TIMER channel
RTCDRV - RTC DriverReal-time Clock Driver (DEPRECATED)
SLEEP - Sleep DriverSleep Management Driver (DEPRECATED)
SPIDRV - SPI DriverSerial Peripheral Interface Driver
Error Codes
Init Configuration Data
TEMPDRV Temperature Driver
Error CodesTEMPDRV error codes
UARTDRV - UART DriverUniversal Asynchronous Receiver/Transmitter Driver
Error Codes
Status Codes
USTIMER - Microsecond TimerMicrosecond Delay Timer Driver