API Documentation

List of modules
Command Line InterfaceCommand Line Interface (CLI)
CLI Commands in NVM3Support for CLI commands stored in and executed from NVM3
CLI Commands in RAMSupport for CLI commands stored in and executed from RAM
CLI DelayCLI Delay
Device InitializationDevice Initialization
Clock InitializationInitialize the clock tree
DCDC InitializationInitialize the DC-DC converter
DPLL InitializationInitialize the Digital PLL
EMU InitializationInitialize the Energy Management Unit
HFRCO InitializationInitialize the HFRCO oscillator
HFXO InitializationInitialize the HFXO oscillator
LFRCO InitializationInitialize the LFRCO oscillator
LFXO InitializationInitialize the LFXO oscillator
IO StreamIO Stream
IO Stream RTTIO Stream RTT
IO Stream STDLIB ConfigurationIO Stream STDLIB Configuration
IO Stream SWOIO Stream SWO
IO Stream UARTIO Stream UART
Legacy HALLegacy HAL API
Application Bootloader InterfaceDefinition of the application bootloader interface
Common BootloaderCommon bootloader interface defines and functions
Cyclic Redundancy CheckFunctions that provide access to cyclic redundancy code (CRC) calculation. See crc.h for source code
DiagnosticsCrash and watchdog diagnostic functions
Microcontroller functionsMicrocontroller functions
Random NumbersFunctions that provide access to random numbers
Reset Cause DefinitionsDefinitions for all the reset cause types
SimEE2 to NVM3 Upgrade
Simulated EEPROM 1 and 2Simulated EEPROM 1 and 2 legacy storage
Standalone BootloaderDefinition of the standalone bootloader interface
MPU RAM execution disable utilitiesSimple utilities to disable execution on certain memory regions
Microsecond DelayMicrosecond delay function
Power ManagerPower Manager
Secure Element ManagerSilicon Labs Secure Element Manager
CipherSymmetric encryption, AEAD and MAC
CoreSecure Element Manager Core API
EntropyRandom number generators
HashingProvides cryptographic hash functions (SHA-1, SHA-224, SHA-256, SHA-384, SHA-512)
Key derivationAPI for key derivation and key agreement (ECDH, EC J-PAKE, HKDF, PBKDF2)
Key handlingSecure Element key handling API
SignatureDigital Signature Algorithms (ECDSA, EdDSA)
UtilitiesDevice initialisation, debug lock, upgrade functionality, user data..
Tamper optionsTamper configuration options. Levels, signals and filter options
Sleep TimerSleep Timer
System Initialization and Action ProcessingSystem Initialization and Action Processing
Token ManagerRoutines for working with tokens