SimEE2 to NVM3 Upgrade


The Simulated EEPROM2 to NVM3 upgrade code implements the function needed to upgrade an Simulated EEPROM2 instance to an NVM3 instance while maintaining any token data. The upgrade is done in-place as the 36 KB Simulated EEPROM2 instance is swapped with a 36 KB NVM3 instance.


EmberStatus halSimEeToNvm3Upgrade (void)
 Upgrade SimEE2 to NVM3.

Function Documentation

◆ halSimEeToNvm3Upgrade()

EmberStatus halSimEeToNvm3Upgrade ( void  )

Upgrade SimEE2 to NVM3.

This function is to be called from sl_token_init() initialization so the data is moved into a new NVM3 before any further token work is perfomed.