Legacy HAL


Legacy HAL API.


Application Bootloader Interface
Definition of the application bootloader interface.
Common Bootloader
Common bootloader interface defines and functions.
Cyclic Redundancy Check
Functions that provide access to cyclic redundancy code (CRC) calculation. See crc.h for source code.
Crash and watchdog diagnostic functions.
Microcontroller functions
Microcontroller functions.
Random Numbers
Functions that provide access to random numbers.
Reset Cause Definitions
Definitions for all the reset cause types.
SimEE2 to NVM3 Upgrade
Simulated EEPROM 1 and 2
Simulated EEPROM 1 and 2 legacy storage.
Standalone Bootloader
Definition of the standalone bootloader interface.


uint16_t halCommonGetInt16uMillisecondTick (void)
uint32_t halCommonGetInt32uMillisecondTick (void)
uint64_t halCommonGetInt64uMillisecondTick (void)
uint16_t halInternalStartSystemTimer (void)
void halCommonDelayMicroseconds (uint16_t us)
void halCommonDelayMilliseconds (uint16_t ms)


#define simulatedTimePasses()