Raspberry Pi: Raspbian Wi-Fi Lower MAC Driver Example

Note: if you have an SD card version 2.2, please use this documentation (the version is printed on the SD card's package)

The WF200/WFM200 Wi-Fi Expansion Boards are best suited to explore the capabilities of the WF(M)200 Wi-Fi Transceivers. The kits contain an expansion board that can be connected to a Rapsberry Pi 2B, 3B, 3B+ or 4B. The expansion board allows the Raspberry Pi MCU to connect to a WF(M)200 Wi-Fi part, which can connect to Wi-Fi networks, but also be an Access Point to which other devices can connect.

This document describes how to connect the WF(M)200 Wi-Fi EXP Board to a Raspberry Pi and run a demo.

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