Wi-Fi Commissioning Bare Metal Example on EFM32GG11 (STK3701A)

This example is hosted in our GitHub repository. The example is similar to the Wi-Fi Commissioning Micrium OS Example on EFM32GG11 (STK3701A) with the difference that no Real-Time Operating System (RTOS) is used. The examples being almost identical, we recommend starting with the Micrium OS version (previous link) of the example and experiment with it to ease the start with this example.

Certain information will need to be adapted, this page lists these adapations with the reference to the original section where the adaptation intervene:

Software PrerequisitesMicrium OS Kernel SDK v5.8 not needed.
Import the ProjectThe source code to import is located here: wfx-fullMAC-tools\Examples\SiliconLabs\commissioning\bare_metal\SLSTK3701A\
SEGGER SystemViewSEGGER SystemView is essentially useful with a RTOS. GDB Debugger and additional traces should provide you all the information needed. In last resort, SEGGER SystemView can be used with Bare Metal implementations, in the goal to investigate issues not occuring in debug sessions for instance. To use it install SEGGER SystemView on your computer and follow the instructions provided by https://wiki.segger.com/Use_SystemView_without_RTOS.
Micrium OS µC/ProbeSection not applicable.
Micrium OS ConfigurationSection not applicable.