si114x_sys_out.c File Reference

Implementation specific functions for HRM code.


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Definition in file si114x_sys_out.c .

#include <stdio.h>
#include " i2cspm.h "
#include " em_i2c.h "
#include " em_gpio.h "
#include "string.h"
#include " em_usb.h "
#include " sl_sleeptimer.h "
#include " si114x_functions.h "
#include " si114x_sys_out.h "
#include "si114xhrm.h"


#define IRQ_QUEUE_SIZE 270


void delay_10ms (void)
10ms delay required by Si114x reset sequence.
void delay_1ms (void)
1ms delay required by Si114x polling sequence.
void DisableSi114xInterrupt ()
Disable GPIO interrupt for Si114x interrupt.
void EnableSi114xInterrupt ()
Enable GPIO interrupt for Si114x.
static s16 Si114x_i2c_smbus_read_byte_data (HANDLE si114x_handle , u8 address, u8 *data, bool block)
Read from Si114x i2c.
static s16 Si114x_i2c_smbus_read_i2c_block_data (HANDLE si114x_handle , u8 address, u8 length, u8 *data, bool block)
Read block of data from Si114x i2c.
static s16 Si114x_i2c_smbus_write_byte_data (HANDLE si114x_handle , u8 address, u8 data, bool block)
Write to Si114x i2c.
static s16 Si114x_i2c_smbus_write_i2c_block_data (HANDLE si114x_handle , u8 address, u8 length, u8 const *data, bool block)
Write block of data to Si114x i2c.
int16_t Si114xBlockRead (HANDLE si114x_handle , uint8_t address, uint8_t length, uint8_t *values)
Block read from Si114x.
int16_t Si114xBlockWrite (HANDLE si114x_handle , uint8_t address, uint8_t length, uint8_t *values)
block write to si114x
s16 Si114xClose (HANDLE si114x_handle )
Close Si114x.
int si114xFindEvb (char *port_description, char *last_port, int num_ports_found)
s16 Si114xInit (void *port, int options, HANDLE * si114x_handle )
Initialize low level handle and clear irq queue.
s16 Si114xIrqQueue_Clear (HANDLE si114x_handle )
Empty the interrupt queue.
s16 Si114xIrqQueue_Get (HANDLE si114x_handle , SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE *samples)
Get sample from the interrupt queue.
static s16 Si114xIrqQueue_Put ( SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE *samples)
Put new sample in the interrupt queue.
s16 Si114xIrqQueueNumentries (HANDLE si114x_handle )
Query number of entries in the interrupt queue.
int si114xOutputDebugMessage (HANDLE si114x_handle , char *message)
Prints USB debug output.
s16 Si114xProcessIrq (HANDLE si114x_handle , u16 timestamp)
Main interrupt processing routine for Si114x.
int16_t Si114xReadFromRegister (HANDLE si114x_handle , uint8_t address)
Read from Si114x register.
int si114xSetupDebug (HANDLE si114x_handle , void *si114x_debug)
Enables/Disables USB debug output.
s16 Si114xSysReset (HANDLE si114x_handle )
Reset not implemented.
int16_t Si114xWriteToRegister (HANDLE si114x_handle , uint8_t address, uint8_t data)
Write to Si114x register.


static Si114xPortConfig_t _handle
static u8 IrqQueue [IRQ_QUEUE_SIZE]
static u16 irqQueueGetIndex = 0
static u16 irqQueuePutIndex = 0
static uint16_t irqSequence = 0
static bool usbDebugEnable