Detailed Description

Chip errata workarounds initialization API.

API to initialize chip for errata workarounds.


__STATIC_INLINE void CHIP_Init (void)
 Chip initialization routine for revision errata workarounds.

Function Documentation

__STATIC_INLINE void CHIP_Init ( void  )

Chip initialization routine for revision errata workarounds.

This function must be called immediately in main().

This initialization function configures the device to a state as similar to later revisions as possible to improve software compatibility with newer parts. See the device-specific errata for details.

Definition at line 69 of file em_chip.h.

References _GPIO_P_CTRL_RESETVALUE, BUS_RegBitWrite(), CMU, CMU_LFACLKEN0_LCD, EMU, EMU_BASE, GPIO, LCD_BASE, SYSTEM_ChipRevision_TypeDef::major, SYSTEM_ChipRevision_TypeDef::minor, MSC, SYSTEM_ChipRevisionGet(), and SYSTEM_GetProdRev().

Referenced by BSP_initDevice().