LESENSE_TimeCtrlDesc_TypeDef Struct ReferenceEMLIB > LESENSE

LESENSE timing control descriptor structure.

Definition at line 547 of file em_lesense.h .

#include < em_lesense.h >

Data Fields

bool delayAuxStartup
uint8_t startDelay

Field Documentation

bool LESENSE_TimeCtrlDesc_TypeDef::delayAuxStartup

Set to true do delay startup of AUXHFRCO until the system enters excite phase. This will reduce the time AUXHFRCO is enabled and reduce power usage.

Definition at line 556 of file em_lesense.h .

Referenced by LESENSE_Init() .

uint8_t LESENSE_TimeCtrlDesc_TypeDef::startDelay

Set number of LFACLK cycles to delay sensor interaction on each channel. Valid range: 0-3 (2 bit).

Definition at line 550 of file em_lesense.h .

Referenced by LESENSE_Init() .

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