USBXpress Callback Status FlagsPlatform Middleware > USBXpress

Detailed Description

These constant values are returned by USBX_getCallbackSource(). The return value is a mask and may contain the logical OR of any combination of status flags. Each flag maps to a call-back event.


#define USBX_DEV_CLOSE   0x00000020
 Device Instance Closed on host side.
#define USBX_DEV_CONFIGURED   0x00000040
 Device has entered configured state.
#define USBX_DEV_OPEN   0x00000010
 Device Instance Opened on host side.
#define USBX_DEV_SUSPEND   0x00000080
 USB suspend signaling present on bus.
#define USBX_FIFO_PURGE   0x00000008
 Receive and Transmit FIFO's were purged.
#define USBX_RESET   0x00000001
 USB Reset Interrupt has occurred.
#define USBX_RX_COMPLETE   0x00000004
 Receive Complete Interrupt has occurred.
#define USBX_RX_OVERRUN   0x00000100
 Data received with no place to put it.
#define USBX_TX_COMPLETE   0x00000002
 Transmit Complete Interrupt has occurred.