EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef Struct ReferenceEMLIB > EMU

DCDC initialization structure.

Definition at line 665 of file em_emu.h .

#include < em_emu.h >

Data Fields

EMU_DcdcAnaPeripheralPower_TypeDef anaPeripheralPower
EMU_DcdcLnCompCtrl_TypeDef dcdcLnCompCtrl
EMU_DcdcMode_TypeDef dcdcMode
uint16_t em01LoadCurrent_mA
uint16_t em234LoadCurrent_uA
uint16_t maxCurrent_mA
uint16_t mVout
EMU_PowerConfig_TypeDef powerConfig
EMU_DcdcLnReverseCurrentControl_TypeDef reverseCurrentControl

Field Documentation

EMU_DcdcAnaPeripheralPower_TypeDef EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::anaPeripheralPower

Select analog peripheral power in DCDC-to-DVDD mode.

Definition at line 682 of file em_emu.h .

EMU_DcdcLnCompCtrl_TypeDef EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::dcdcLnCompCtrl

DCDC Low-noise mode compensator control.

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EMU_DcdcMode_TypeDef EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::dcdcMode

DCDC regulator operating mode in EM0/1.

Definition at line 668 of file em_emu.h .

Referenced by BSP_initDcdc() .

uint16_t EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::em01LoadCurrent_mA

Estimated average load current in EM0/1. (mA). This estimate is also used for EM1 optimization; if EM1 current is expected to be higher than EM0, then this parameter should hold the higher EM1 current.

Definition at line 670 of file em_emu.h .

uint16_t EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::em234LoadCurrent_uA

Estimated average load current in EM2 (uA). This estimate is also used for EM3 and 4 optimization; if EM3 or 4 current is expected to be higher than EM2, then this parameter should hold the higher EM3 or 4 current.

Definition at line 674 of file em_emu.h .

uint16_t EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::maxCurrent_mA

Maximum average DCDC output current (mA). This can be set to the maximum for the power source, for example the maximum for a battery.

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uint16_t EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::mVout

Target output voltage (mV).

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EMU_PowerConfig_TypeDef EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::powerConfig

Device external power configuration. emuPowerConfig_DcdcToDvdd is currently the only supported mode.

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EMU_DcdcLnReverseCurrentControl_TypeDef EMU_DCDCInit_TypeDef::reverseCurrentControl

Low-noise reverse current control. NOTE: this parameter uses special encoding: >= 0 is forced CCM mode where the parameter is used as the reverse current threshold in mA. -1 is encoded as emuDcdcLnHighEfficiencyMode (EFM32 only).

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