EZRADIODRV_AutoAckHandle Struct ReferenceEMDRV > EZRADIODRV > Plugin_System > Auto_ACK_Plugin

EzRadio auto acknowledge plug-in instance initialization and handler structure.

Definition at line 78 of file ezradio_auto_ack_plugin.h .

#include < ezradio_auto_ack_plugin.h >

Data Fields

EZRADIODRV_AutoAckMode_t ackMode
Auto ack mode.
EZRADIODRV_PacketLengthConfig_t lenConfig
Pakcet length config for auto ack.
uint8_t * pktBuf
Pointer to the buffer that holds the auto ack packet.
uint16_t pktId
Auto ack packet ID.
EZRADIODRV_AutoAckPacketMode_t pktMode
Packet mode for aut ack.
EZRADIODRV_Callback_t userCallback
User callback.

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