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Si114x Sample Data Structure.

The SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE Data is populated within a low-level interrupt handler.

sequence is not directly from the Si113x/4x, but rather, the low-level interrupt handler can increment a rolling counter whenever a sample is made. sequence is provided a convenience to upper software layers.

timestamp is not from the Si113x/4x directly. The low_level interrupt handler is expected to use any convenient time reference associated with the sample. This will allow the upper layers to have a sense of time.

irqstat , vis , ir , ps1 , ps2 , ps3 and aux are directly from the Si113x/4x. Beginning with irqstat , these members are roughly in the order of I2C Registers 0x21 to 0x2D.

ps1 , ps2 and ps3 are not used by the Si1132.
Si1132 reports UVINDEX in aux .

Definition at line 90 of file si114x_types.h .

#include < si114x_types.h >

Data Fields

uint16_t aux
uint16_t ir
uint8_t irqstat
uint8_t pad
uint16_t ps1
uint16_t ps2
uint16_t ps3
uint16_t sequence
uint16_t timestamp
uint16_t vis

Field Documentation

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::aux

AUX Measurement

Definition at line 100 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ir

IR Measurement

Definition at line 96 of file si114x_types.h .

uint8_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::irqstat

8-bit IRQ Status

Definition at line 94 of file si114x_types.h .

uint8_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::pad

8-bit padding

Definition at line 93 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps1

PS1 Measurement

Definition at line 97 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps2

PS2 Measurement

Definition at line 98 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps3

PS3 Measurement

Definition at line 99 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::sequence

sequence number

Definition at line 91 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::timestamp

16-bit Timestamp to record

Definition at line 92 of file si114x_types.h .

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::vis

VIS Measurement

Definition at line 95 of file si114x_types.h .

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