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GLIB Drawing Context (Multiple instances of GLIB_Context_t can exist)

Definition at line 265 of file glib.h.

#include <glib.h>

Data Fields

uint32_t backgroundColor
GLIB_Rectangle_t clippingRegion
GLIB_Font_t font
uint32_t foregroundColor
const DMD_DisplayGeometry * pDisplayGeometry

Field Documentation

uint32_t __GLIB_Context_t::backgroundColor

Background color

Definition at line 270 of file glib.h.

Referenced by GLIB_clear(), GLIB_clearRegion(), GLIB_contextInit(), and GLIB_drawChar().

GLIB_Font_t __GLIB_Context_t::font

Font definition

Definition at line 279 of file glib.h.

Referenced by GLIB_drawChar(), GLIB_drawString(), and GLIB_setFont().

uint32_t __GLIB_Context_t::foregroundColor

Foreground color

Definition at line 273 of file glib.h.

Referenced by GLIB_contextInit(), GLIB_drawLineH(), GLIB_drawLineV(), GLIB_drawPixel(), and GLIB_drawRectFilled().

const DMD_DisplayGeometry* __GLIB_Context_t::pDisplayGeometry

Pointer to the dimensions of the display

Definition at line 267 of file glib.h.

Referenced by GLIB_clear(), GLIB_contextInit(), GLIB_resetClippingRegion(), GLIB_resetDisplayClippingArea(), and GLIB_setClippingRegion().

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