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Si114x Sample Data Structure.

The SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE Data is populated within a low-level interrupt handler.

sequence is not directly from the Si113x/4x, but rather, the low-level interrupt handler can increment a rolling counter whenever a sample is made. sequence is provided a convenience to upper software layers.

timestamp is not from the Si113x/4x directly. The low_level interrupt handler is expected to use any convenient time reference associated with the sample. This will allow the upper layers to have a sense of time.

irqstat, vis, ir, ps1, ps2, ps3 and aux are directly from the Si113x/4x. Beginning with irqstat, these members are roughly in the order of I2C Registers 0x21 to 0x2D.

ps1, ps2 and ps3 are not used by the Si1132.
Si1132 reports UVINDEX in aux.

Definition at line 90 of file si114x_types.h.

#include <si114x_types.h>

Data Fields

uint16_t aux
uint16_t ir
uint8_t irqstat
uint8_t pad
uint16_t ps1
uint16_t ps2
uint16_t ps3
uint16_t sequence
uint16_t timestamp
uint16_t vis

Field Documentation

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::aux

AUX Measurement

Definition at line 100 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ir

IR Measurement

Definition at line 96 of file si114x_types.h.

uint8_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::irqstat

8-bit IRQ Status

Definition at line 94 of file si114x_types.h.

uint8_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::pad

8-bit padding

Definition at line 93 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps1

PS1 Measurement

Definition at line 97 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps2

PS2 Measurement

Definition at line 98 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::ps3

PS3 Measurement

Definition at line 99 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::sequence

sequence number

Definition at line 91 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::timestamp

16-bit Timestamp to record

Definition at line 92 of file si114x_types.h.

uint16_t SI114X_IRQ_SAMPLE::vis

VIS Measurement

Definition at line 95 of file si114x_types.h.

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