RAIL_AntennaConfig_t Struct Reference

A configuration for antenna selection.

#include <rail_chip_specific.h>

Data Fields

bool ant0PinEn
 Antenna 0 Pin Enable.
bool ant1PinEn
 Antenna 1 Pin Enable.
uint8_t ant0Loc
 Antenna 0 location for pin/port.
uint8_t ant0Port
 Antenna 0 output GPIO port.
uint8_t ant0Pin
 Antenna 0 output GPIO pin.
uint8_t ant1Loc
 Antenna 1 location for pin/port.
uint8_t ant1Port
 Antenna 1 output GPIO port.
uint8_t ant1Pin
 Antenna 1 output GPIO pin.

A configuration for antenna selection.

Definition at line 258 of file rail_chip_specific.h.

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