EmberZclGroupEntry_t Struct Reference

#include <zcl-core-types.h>

Data Fields

EmberZclGroupId_t groupId
EmberZclEndpointId_t endpointId
uint8_t groupNameLength
EmberIpv6Address ipv6Address

This structure holds a group entry that represents membership of an endpoint in a group.

Field Documentation

EmberZclEndpointId_t EmberZclGroupEntry_t::endpointId

An endpoint identifier of a group entry.

EmberZclGroupId_t EmberZclGroupEntry_t::groupId

A group identifier of a group entry.

uint8_t EmberZclGroupEntry_t::groupNameLength

Length of group name.

EmberIpv6Address EmberZclGroupEntry_t::ipv6Address

An array containing group name. Save space IPv6 Multicast address associated with the group

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