EmberZNet Stack API Reference


Stack Information
Ember Common Data Types
Network Formation
EmberZNet API for finding, forming, joining, and leaving Zigbee networks.
Packet Buffers
Sending and Receiving Messages
End Devices
EmberZNet API relating to end device children.
Binding Table
EmberZNet binding table API.
Status Codes
Stack Tokens
ZigBee Device Object
EmberZNet bootload API.
Event Scheduling
Multi-Network Manager
Ember ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) APIs and Handlers
Ember ZigBee Light Link (ZLL) Data Types
Manufacturing and Functional Test Library
This is a manufacturing and functional test library for testing and verifying the RF component of products at manufacture time.
Debugging Utilities
EmberZNet debugging utilities.

Detailed Description

This documentation describes the application programming interface (API) for the EmberZNet stack. The file ember.h is the master include file for the EmberZNet API modules.