EmberBindingTableEntry Struct Reference

Defines an entry in the binding table.

#include <ember-types.h>

Data Fields

EmberBindingType type
uint8_t local
uint16_t clusterId
uint8_t remote
EmberEUI64 identifier
uint8_t networkIndex

Defines an entry in the binding table.

A binding entry specifies a local endpoint, a remote endpoint, a cluster ID and either the destination EUI64 (for unicast bindings) or the 64-bit group address (for multicast bindings).

Field Documentation

◆ clusterId

uint16_t EmberBindingTableEntry::clusterId

A cluster ID that matches one from the local endpoint's simple descriptor. This cluster ID is set by the provisioning application to indicate which part an endpoint's functionality is bound to this particular remote node and is used to distinguish between unicast and multicast bindings. Note that a binding can be used to to send messages with any cluster ID, not just that listed in the binding.

◆ identifier

EmberEUI64 EmberBindingTableEntry::identifier

A 64-bit identifier. This is either:

  • The destination EUI64, for unicasts.
  • A 16-bit multicast group address, for multicasts.

◆ local

uint8_t EmberBindingTableEntry::local

The endpoint on the local node.

◆ networkIndex

uint8_t EmberBindingTableEntry::networkIndex

The index of the network the binding belongs to.

◆ remote

uint8_t EmberBindingTableEntry::remote

The endpoint on the remote node (specified by identifier).

◆ type

EmberBindingType EmberBindingTableEntry::type

The type of binding.

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