EmberMulticastTableEntry Struct Reference

Defines an entry in the multicast table.

#include <ember-types.h>

Data Fields

EmberMulticastId multicastId
uint8_t endpoint
uint8_t networkIndex

Defines an entry in the multicast table.

A multicast table entry indicates that a particular endpoint is a member of a particular multicast group. Only devices with an endpoint in a multicast group will receive messages sent to that multicast group.

Field Documentation

◆ endpoint

uint8_t EmberMulticastTableEntry::endpoint

The endpoint that is a member, or 0 if this entry is not in use (the ZDO is not a member of any multicast groups).

◆ multicastId

EmberMulticastId EmberMulticastTableEntry::multicastId

The multicast group ID.

◆ networkIndex

uint8_t EmberMulticastTableEntry::networkIndex

The network index of the network the entry is related to.

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