DMS activation operations. More...


gos_result_t gos_dms_activate (const char *product_code, gos_msgpack_object_t **response_ptr)
 Activate this device with the specified product. More...

Detailed Description

DMS activation operations.

Function Documentation

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gos_result_t gos_dms_activate ( const char *  product_code,
gos_msgpack_object_t **  response_ptr 

Activate this device with the specified product.

Once activated, device updates with get this product's firmware.

Before the device can activate to a product it needs to be 'claimed' with a user who has access to the product.

See the Gecko OS command documentation for more information: dms_activate

The response_ptr argument, a gos_msgpack_object_t, is optional and will contain the parsed response from the server.
[in]product_codeProduct's code in DMS
[out]response_ptrgos_msgpack_object_t pointer to parsed response from server, leave NULL if unused
Result of API, see gos_result_t